Sunday, March 9, 2014

Krewe of Muses

The Krewe of Muses is an all ladies parade that rolls the Thursday night before Fat Tuesday each year. All ladies because, naturally, we are the best muses for artistic inspiration.  You can read more to get the mythological background.

Anyway, we've only attended one and a half times. The one full time was our first year here in 2007 and the second was a few years later.   My husband and I marched up to St. Charles, ooohed & aaaaawwed at a few floats, but then realized it was 9:30pm on a school night, so we turned around and walked back home. We just couldn't justify staying out and risking the hurt of the morning after.  We were also much younger and didn't always acknowledge the line between fun and irresponsible.

This year, however, the school network where we work smartly planned an abbreviated professional development day that didn't start until mid morning. This allowed teachers and staff to enjoy themselves the night before at the parades (3 total that night, including Muses) and still arrive to work Friday morning in one piece.

No kids to be bright-eyed for.
No everyday worries.
On the heels of a week off.
Just a few wrap-up meetings and we're setting sail into a carnival-themed vacation.
Totally doable.

In the end, I facilitated one of my best sessions with the PreK team.
I can have it all!

Our buddy, Sean. Frisbee golf pal, coworker, dog-sitter. 
This was also Sean's 30th birthday, so the night was 
extra fun for him.

Yes. I frequented Superior Grill this carnival season. 

So many beautiful throws...but so difficult to actually get them.

I did catch one of these bracelets my first year, but it's long gone...
given to a student. Rookie mistake. 

This was the best part of the night. 

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