Thursday, March 13, 2014

Friday Five!

{corn beef & cabbage (w.barley) soup to kick off St. Patrick's Day weekend. similar recipe here}

Well hello mid-March! Besides the fact that you aren’t exactly bringing the weather I would like to see (aka no snow!), you aren’t treating me too shabby this year. You and I have a love-hate relationship, but so far I’m mostly feelin’ the love. Thanks for that!

This weekend leads up to St. Patrick’s Day on Monday! Irish on Ionia is always a fun event, maybe we’ll partake? Maybe we’ll have our own Irish celebration on the couch in PJ’s? Maybe we’ll do some things around the house (BIG things coming for Bellewood!). Maybe we’ll do none of the above. Michigan State Basketball is WITHOUT a doubt on the agenda.

I love March!!

{a night spent in with champagne & beer soaking in our extra hour of daylight}

{i really do love birthdays! i continued the tradition of Birthday signs all over the house for my loves big 2-7}

{purple pumps…. Can you believe this is my first pair of purple heels? besides my wedding shoes of course…}

{Jenergy BAR! found at Sip Juice Bar, a local Eastown establishment. these are the most fueling snack I've ever had! i love Grand Rapids more and more every day}

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