Thursday, March 27, 2014

Friday Five!

{6 years later, and still...}

This week was bittersweet. On one hand, things are settling down at work, but on the other hand the madness is just beginning. My boss was promoted, but in turn that means I’ll have a new manager. Max was offered an amazing opportunity to go assist with the Joplin relief effort in Missouri for two weeks late next month. I’m excited for him but it’s going to be very strange without him! And this weather! I hate to beat a dead horse, but come on Mother Nature! You've had your fun. You've toyed with 50 degree days and sunshine then abruptly ripped it away and leaving us with snow and wind chills below zero. It’s enough I tell you! I look forward to our return to Spring-like temperatures this weekend!! So yeah, bittersweet week all around. A lot of exciting and somewhat nerve-racking changes…

Today is Max and my 6 year [dating] anniversary! Even though he doesn't think a “dating” anniversary is an occasion worth celebrating anymore now that we’re married, I don’t care. It’s not like we’re buying extravagant gifts and going on cruises to commemorate the occasion. I just like to use it as, another, excuse to go out to dinner. So, we both agreed on a new sushi place in Eastown that we've heard rave reviews about, Maru. Tomorrow the office renovation takes place! Can’t wait to get a fresh coat of paint on those walls and reorganize a bit. Spring it upon us (kind of…) and I have a major itch for change.

P.S. 100 Happy Days Challenge… why not give it a shot? Check it out here.

{experimenting with these iPhone camera lenses until I can afford a big girl camera}

{polka dot dreams & rose colored themes}

{new table for my favorite corner in the house (on mega sale – in stores)}

{can’t wait to dive into these bad boys!}

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