Thursday, March 20, 2014

Friday Five!

{new table (hairpin legs!) accompanied by some fresh Spring touches}

This week has seemed very “fresh”. Fresh start for MSU in March Madness (safely into the second round of the tournament)… Start of Spring… Breathing in fresh air… I even got crazy and purchased some fresh flowers… Got a fresh hair trim…you get the point. I was feeling especially “Springy” and broke out my brightly colored wardrobe. Out with the dark & dank and bring on the fresh & sunny!

Tomorrow I’m headed to Kalamazoo for the 2nd annual Bar Crawl Scavenger Hunt (you can see pics from last year’s extravaganza here)! I am so looking forward to visiting new places and hanging out with friends I haven’t seen a lot since the holidays. This particular weekend is quickly becoming one of my favorites of the year! It’s surrounding day drinking, a MJ’s birthday (you know me and birthdays!) and fantastic company.

{paint swatches in preparation for next week’s office renovation}

{Gallery Wall! just waiting on another piece or two and it will be ready for its grand reveal!}

{Spring is upon us…at least according to the calendar & the malls! Love these fresh displays at Anthropologie}

{co-workers birthday treat was a parfait bar… brilliant!}

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