Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Wedding Season – 2013 Edition: MJ & Dallas Installment

{the beautiful bride}

Maryjo and Dallas are married!

This past weekend was so amazing in so many ways. A celebration starting on Thursday night and lasting all the way to Sunday morning! The festivities began on Thursday with a wedding rehearsal at the Nature Center (the same place her parents were married some 29 years ago), then quickly moved to her parents new home in the woods, a party complete with drinks and food cooked by the owners of Food Dance (UNBELIEVABLE), all surrounded by a beautiful white tent and space heaters. The evening ended with friends and family gathering around the bonfire, all telling their favorite stories about MJ and Dallas. Friday was the big day. We woke up bright and early to start the hair and makeup process. At 3, the beautiful bride walked down the aisle. And the rest is history. The party got wild… quick! The reception was held at Loft 310, where delicious food, great drinks and some Australian debauchery took place (check out this Aussie tradition when the song Eagle Rock plays).

Before we knew it, we were all gathered around a big table in the private room of Food Dance the next morning, reliving all of our favorite moments of the previous day. The best part about this wedding is that it was so completely different from Max and mine. It was polar opposite in fact. But I loved every bit of it! This weekend was the epitome of a DIY wedding. The ones you read about in blogs. Something I’ve never had a knack for but knew that it totally described MJ, to a T.

The second best part about this weekend… the Aussie’s (the Groom is Australian, and the two met during a Top Deck Tour around Europe two summers ago)! The most hilarious, lively, fun loving bunch of people I’ve ever met! I can’t wait for Dallas’ sister to return at “Chrissy”, and simply enjoying being a part of this family for years and years to come.

Congratulations MJ and Dallas!!

{love love LOVED my hair}

{all of our dresses lined up with our custom hangers}

{Eugene! Looking dapper as hell in his custom tailored suit}

{some of the lovely bridesmaids}

{the groom}

{first time I've ever seen this in real print... made me so happy!}

{fuzzy but an adorable candid moment between the newlyweds}

{some of the boys... including hubby!}

{no smashing in the face... laaame ;)}

{the morning after breakfast at Food Dance...}

{...complete with cider mimosa's... a Fall favorite of mine}

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