Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Grand Rapids ArtPrize 2013

Before the madness of all the wedding festivities last week, the hubby (he’s my husband!) and I decided to check out ArtPrize downtown Grand Rapids (you can read a little bit more about it here). This year the entries were just as inspired. We literally looked around downtown for an entire day (and the evening before) and I still feel we only saw a fraction of the art work that the city had to offer. It’s always excited and exhilarating to see the city buzzing the way it does during this time. Yes, the additional crowd was particularly challenging this year trying to navigate the wedding festivities through it, but all worth it once we see the pictures from the Photographer (4-6 weeks feels like a lifetime!). 

p.s. Don't worry, you'll see more when the wedding pics come back!

{we love Panda... he made top 10!}

{real man on right imitating not real man on left... it was creepy}

{live painting his daughter's face through many individual canvases}


{PANDA :)}

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