Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Instagram Life – October Edition

Happy Halloween! October 2013 was the most unforgettable month of my life! I got to stand up with two other amazing ladies while they married the love of their lives, we made major progress on our house (new furnace and water heater for starters), but most importantly we got to devote our lives to each other with all of our friends and family in attendance.

I am so excited for November! Michigan State football, a concert in Detroit, end of the year presentations and the start of the holidays! We’ll hopefully receive some more wedding photos to display around the house (artsy ones for the gallery wall?), use some of the many gift cards to continue furnishing our love nest, may even get in contact with our most favorite flea market friend to make chairs for our beautiful kitchen table. What’s not to love?!

Here is my October 2013 recap via Instagram:

1) Intense game of LCR at Stella’s (Food Show season brings out the crazy) 

2) 10 minute champagne break after tying the knot

3) Caramel Apple Spice = apple pie in a cup

4) Congrats MJ & Dallas

5) That’s me!

6) I love her

7) Add a little Peachtree to your mimosa. You won’t be sorry!

8) Ran the beer pong table at last weekend's Halloween party... can't wait to BRING it tailgating this weekend

9) Farewell Jblev... GFS won't be the same without you!

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