Thursday, October 17, 2013

Urban Gardening-Fall Edition

Things may not look much different as summer turns to fall in NOLA, but a break from the heat is a welcome relief for my plants as much as it is for me.
The sweltering air is shifting to a tolerable, moist warmth...which has done wonders for my succulents.  As for the rest of my green children, they're clearly loving this climate.

 [Aloe cuttings I'm preparing for Meg & Max...already made a lot of progress and I've just recently pulled some new growth to add to it! They'll have one as big as mine before we know it!]

[These are the Hawaiian Plumeria that my husband's parents bought 
for me on their recent NOLA visit. 
After about 2 months, the leaves & blossoms are 
finally coming out to play!]

[Jade! One of my absolute favorite types of plant.
SUCH a difference from when I brought them back from Chicago this summer .] 

[Smaller jade plant & a crown of thorns]

[Not sure what these are called, but they've grown 
considerably since the summer]

[Refrigerator clean-out:
 These are just pieces of other plants that have fallen out...then dumped into a shared pot.  We'll see what happens!]

[Pony tail palm. This is actually a type of bonsai tree]

[It may be autumn, but new blossoms are not off the table]

If only I had more room, just imagine the gardening possibilities...

[So smart, and I'll bet so easy! I'm doing it.]

[Dreaming too big? Well, some version of this is possible, surely.]

For more of my blooming fantasies, visit my Pintrest board, Urban Gardening

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