Thursday, October 31, 2013

Friday Five!

{Happy Halloween!}

The end of our fiscal year is over but end of the year J&P presentation prep is in full swing and making everyone crazy. My little stint in a different department is not helping our team needs. Luckily, I find comfort working at night, with hot cider, my husband cooking in the kitchen, and posting up at my favorite spot in the house.

I love Halloween, I love candy, I love cider, I love changing leaves, I love tights, I love sweatshirts. I love October. I love it all! I’m sad to see it go but excited for November! First thing on the November list? Michigan vs. Michigan State football weekend! Home field advantage, cider & captain in tow, bundle up outfit all prepared. We’re ready!!

Friday Forte: Fineshrine– Purity Ring (decided to take a little listen to a bloggers “Spooky Playlist” and glad that I did… it provided a fun backdrop to my Thursday desk time) 

{Fall beauty right in my own front yard}

{so I lied… sorry, more corner-of-the-room outfit posts – part of this weekends tailgate attire}

{helping the hubbs make chili – check}

{oh hey Founders growler… so happy to add you to our collection (and consume the contents while passing out Halloween candy)}

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