Monday, October 21, 2013

Home Goods!

Man, it’s too bad Max and I didn't win that 80 million, or whatever, jackpot a few weeks back. I could have really used the money buying EVERYTHING at Home Goods! This store is such an addiction. Ugh, so annoying. I am going to want to redecorate our house over and over and over again. The lamps, chairs, rugs, utensils, vases, trays, sheets, bookends, specialty spices, decor... everything! This store made me want to buy a random elephant statue! Completely unnecessary, but somehow my brain was trying to tell me I needed it. Ridiculous.

Well played Home Goods. Well played. 

{outfit of the day... and yes I want this mirror}

{UPDATE: I did not buy the elephant}

{area rug for the maser bedroom... what I wouldn't give}

{vintage and amazing for the billiard room... or future bar area in the basement}

{home decorating for the holidays}

{skulls skulls skulls}

{we definitely have enough cutting boards, but just in case we ever need more options...}

{chalk board love always and forever}

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