Thursday, October 24, 2013

Friday Five!

                                      {Tribute to the married ladies of 2013! 1234}

The fiscal year is OVER (at 5pm tonight). I feel surprisingly accomplished. I haven’t been able to do my own job (during business hours at least) the past two weeks so time to finish up goals has been scarce. Between my short term logistics agenda and taking time off for all of the weddings, October has flown by!

Instead of discussing flowers, dress alterations, appetizers, invitations and everything else that goes along with planning a wedding (or just being in one) our evenings are leisurely spent cooking meals (him… I just talk) and sitting at our new kitchen table, home renovations, cleaning (there is always something to clean!) and going to bed early. This is marriage and I LOVE it!

Tomorrow the hubs and I are going our separate ways. Max finally get’s to hunt and I’m getting all dressed up for a Halloween party. Tonight we’re hitting up a happy hour or two. Maybe happy hour at Casa de Maxey? Who knows. There is nowhere we HAVE to be and that’s all that matters.

{Halloween costume for the weekend... still cant' decide on the shoes (last of the corner-of-the-room-hanging-outfit-pics... sorry)}

{more flea market shopping! Every month there is a new list of things we want to search for, but frames and bedside tables are always on the list}

{my new favorite drink}

{leftover wedding flowers are flooding the house... when these flowers are gone then that means it's really over :( }

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