Monday, October 7, 2013

When NOT on a Honeymoon…

This past weekend was the wedding! THE best day of my life! Since we’re not going on a honeymoon until January, we’re both back to work tomorrow. BUMMER! Instead of sharing a whole bunch of wedding day candid’s (I’ll dedicate a whole week to different parts of the wedding day once the photo's are back) I want to show what ELSE we did this past weekend, other than get married J Since the wedding was on a Friday we still had Saturday and Sunday to enjoy ourselves and friends and family that were in town!

I believe I’m going to add another label “Marriage Diaries” since I’m now a wifey! So far, pretty amazing!

{ring around the rosy with Dave's niece... this was right before hide and seek}

{Grand Rapids Brewing Company sausage}

{thanks for the spread Cheeky Strut}

{kinda obsessed with this mirror.. I took the same photo after my practice updo}

{morning after mimosa's}

{chalk board love from bridemaids}

{our guest book!}

{our home will be filled with centerpieces all week}

{clearly we spent lots of time with Dominic}

{he loves founders!}

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