Sunday, March 30, 2014

Instagram Life – March 2014

March was a great month. It was the perfect combination of busy, and well… not so busy! We had weekends away, but we also had quiet weekends at home. We celebrated birthdays and holidays, as well as our 6 year anniversary. We got snow and wind chills below zero, but we also got a 60 degree day and more sunshine than we've had since October. Ohhhh March in Michigan…

I can’t wait for April. I can’t wait to welcome all things Spring, even if they do include showers. Cause April showers bring May flowers, right?! The month begins with a bridal shower weekend in Royal Oak, and the rest of the month consists of thrifting new stores, Easter weekend and maybe even a Tour de Westside to keep me occupied while Max is off saving the world!

Here’s my Insta March:

So many breweries were visited this month… Osgood kicked us off.

We saw some sunshine in our lives!

Took Max on a birthday bar crawl where we learned we have visited 22 out of 32 Grand Rapids area breweries

I dared to bare skin this month and forego tights. Such a rebel

Yoga has consumed my evening spare time

Gallery Wall was hung! More to come…

Reorganized furniture

First day of Spring!

Perfect Friday night dinner

Saturday night excursions to Menards!

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