Thursday, June 26, 2014

Friday Five!

{reading on the patio at sunset}

This week started off great. A little wet, but great! The family vacation was extremely relaxing, and even though the last two days were spent avoiding the rain, I still loved playing cards, and bar hopping. It probably did me some good being out of the sun anyway due to frying myself the first two days (definitely not enough SPF). Seeing Courtney has been the highlight of my week. I miss that crazy cat so much sometimes!!

The short work week flew by in a flash, but I’m definitely ready for another summertime weekend. Tonight I’m back out to the lake for one last hoorah (may be our last family reunion at the Harbours… stupid rules). I might stay a couple extra hours on the beach reading before heading back to get ready for Tegan and Sara at the Fred Meijer Gardens Amphitheater Saturday night! I am making it my business to see as much music as I can this summer, and so far doing a good job!!

Have a great weekend!

{summer moments}

{mini blueberry cheesecakes, almost too cute to eat… almost}

{last minute trip to East Lansing turned into a fun date night here}

{Eastown sidewalk sign reiterating that totes magotes is the best saying ever!}

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