Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Minus the Bear @ Intersection

{i missed the first bit of this song while I rushing further into the crowd, but got the majority of it!}

I first heard of Minus the Bear while researching past lineups of music festivals across the country. I was obsessed with finding new bands last summer and would spend hours googling artists who had shown up at large music festivals in the past (since I love that kind of music!). Somehow Minus the Bear popped up… I think they were at Coachella. Or Bonnaroo. Or something…? Anyway, I remember thinking “gee, that’s a cool name for a band” and started listening to some of their songs on YouTube.

L.O.V.E. at first lyric. The first song I heard of theirs was Diamond Lightning, and it’s still my favorite today. After I found out they were performing in Grand Rapids I BEGGED Max to take me. He was skeptical because it’s not his kind of music, but then the next day surprised me with tickets for my birthday.

We made a night of it, starting off at Founders for dinner (so convenient that they are two blocks from each other!) then meandered over to the Intersection shortly after the doors opened to get good spots in the venue (which means we wanted a tall top table and chairs). I didn’t even know until the day of that Bowery (a local Grand Rapids band) was the opening band that night. They sounded familiar so I searched my phone and low and behold, I’ve already downloaded some of their music! You can imagine what this did to my excitement level.

My first time at Intersection. Firs time seeing Minus the Bear live. First time seeing Bowery. First time Max has ever turned to me in a concert and said “I’m a fan”. It was a great night. I can’t wait for my next live music experience. It’s what I LIVE for, especially in the summer.

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