Saturday, August 1, 2015

Instagram Life – July 2015

July was absolutely incredible! When I looked at the calendar in early June I saw many holes in July. This excited me. I had plenty of time to work on my Summer Bucket List J I spent all month working tirelessly to get ahead at work and get ahead on my summer to do list. I’m happy to report that I succeeded. Productivity professionally is definitely important, but personal productivity is just as important. Isn’t it a great feeling when you can do both?!

** #bbg life. Finished round 1 of Kayla Itsines and look forward to starting round 2 when back in the States
** Loved our trip to the zoo to kick off 4th of July weekend! (Check)
** Holiday boating is my favorite kind of boating
** Enjoyed my string lights A LOT this month (Check)
** Hosted the 14th monthly Wine Club
** Had an absolutely incredible time in Chicago! (Check) Can’t wait for my next visit in November!
** Celebrated 5 years since Max won his Jeep! (I should probably tell you guys that story sometime….)
** My first experience with Movies in the Park. Definitely one of my new favorite summer activities! (Check)
** Major crank time at work in preparation for being out what feels like all of August!

IT’S FINALLY AUGUST! This might be my most memorable month to date! In a little over a week I’ll be in Venice. The first stop on my first trip to Europe! Once back in Michigan I have a huge presentation that I’ve been preparing for all summer, followed by a Bachelorette weekend in a cabin on a lake! And then poof, it’s September. Wow… 


  1. Ahhhh, love that photo of Movies in the Park. I miss it so dang much! Looks like that was a beautiful night.


    1. You've been back enough Laura that you should make your next visit a Movies in the Park Friday :)

  2. Movies in the Park does look amazing. And I can't believe it's been 5 years since Max won the Jeep!!!