Monday, June 15, 2015

Summer Bucket List 2015

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I have made summer bucket lists in the past (see here and here) but much like this blog post, they never pan out. I find myself looking back on the list come Fall and realizing that I did not complete even half of my list. Well this year, everything changes. With the exception of a couple weddings, this summer is WIDE OPEN! I feel like it’s been years since I’ve had so many weekends open in this season. 

I have a new fresh perspective on life and I’m ready to jump into this summer with both feet! I can’t hardly wait to start…

** watch the sunset in Grand Haven and/or Holland
** see a movie in the park
** finish the beer garden
** go strawberry picking
** camp on the beach
** visit a zoo (or two)
** see live music in a beer garden
** spend a weekend in Chicago
** find the perfect stylish one-piece (yes one piece suits a thing now!)
** explore the world
** read 5 books
** visit Dark Horse
** attend a downtown Kalamazoo festival

I feel like there is so much more than I want to add on to this list. I'll think of it later I'm sure... Bring on Summer!


  1. Too much to do in too little time, girl. Try combining within this lovely list: Listen to music in your own beer garden or, better yet, find a beer garden in Chicago and catch some live tunes there. Next, find that trendy suit IN PARIS or SPAIN and then find short, easy-to-read novels to enjoy on the beaches and plane rides during your world travels. Tsk, tsk...if only you had big sister around you all of the time, you'd be so much more efficient. xo

    1. Oh sis... You underestimate me. I'm not aiming for efficiency. I'm aiming for memories. With all of these things!

    2. Ps no way in hell in spending the money to buy a suit over seas