Friday, June 5, 2015

Friday Five!

{Alex & Ani love}

This week started off with a perfect sister day on Monday. We drank coffee, got lunch with our Mom, explored the Downtown Market and were in denial about how quickly the weekend went by. It was surreal waking up Tuesday… it didn’t feel humane to go to work when something was missing… MY SISTER (just move up here already, Court)!! Luckily my mind snapped back into focus and I was able to keep myself occupied until another weekend rolled around.

The next two days will be spent gloriously plan free (mostly). This evening I’ll be spending some quality girl time with one of my bests, but the rest of the weekend is wide open! I would love to read on the patio, take a walk around the neighborhood, cook veggies on the grille… or all of the ABOVE!

Happy Friday Blog World!

Friday Forte:

{Asian facial mask I'm weirdly excited to try out...}

{my lunchtime obsession as of late – salmon, cherry tomatoes & corn}

{finished up laying all of the rock for our landscaping (reveal coming soon!)}

{morning words to live by}


  1. Great post! Lovely bangles, colorful (and scrumptious-looking) lunch, and thoughts that mirror my own. In my already second morning waking up in my own home here in NOLA, I'm feeling lost..."Shouldn't I be in Meggie's house? Why is it so hot out? What's up with the palm trees? Max, I need another taco...". Heavy heart. Miss you so much already. Can't believe Sister Day is almost a week in the past. Boo.

  2. And you should tell us all what your bracelets MEAN... ;)