Friday, June 12, 2015

Friday Five!

{gorgeous flowers at work}

Despite how productive I felt this week was, it was also S.L.O.W. There are some things on my mind coming up that are making me anxious, but never fear… I see brightness in the future!

This weekend Max and I are going strawberry picking! I’ve never been and am pretty stoked about it! Once we’re done gallivanting through strawberry fields we’re going to see what all the fuss is with Dave and Busters. The restaurant has been referred to as the “adult Chuck E Cheese”… so I’m thinking it’s pretty fabulous! Once home I hope to enjoy a refreshing strawberry mojito made with our freshly picked fruits and mint from the backyard garden. Sounds like a nice little summer day doesn’t it?! I know…
Friday Forte:

{can never have enough dainty jewelry}

{date night out with fresh bruschetta & white peach sangria watching American Pharoah make history}

{perfect Hobby Lobby find for the guest room}

{nice little evening inside watching Girls and enjoying a pomegranate & mint martini}


  1. First thing's first: did you use fresh mint from your garden to make that mojito? (or, more accurately, did MAX use fresh mint?). Second, the ring is adorable and those flowers scream Victoria Magazine! (do you remember how I used to love that mag?...still do, but use to collect them). Have so much fun picking strawberries this weekend. Love you, sis! PS: nice pics in the guest room...what a good lookin' couple ;)

    1. Of course he used fresh mint from the garden. Fresh is the name of the game ;)
      I do not recall this magazine at all... but I believe it cause you were an 80 year old trapped in a 16 year old's body!

      The couple is pretty much THE.BEST.