Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Sisters in the Mitten!

I'm going to apologize in advance for the photo overload, but it was all just too great :) Last weekend Courtney and Hector came and stayed with Max and I in Grand Rapids for a long weekend! They have not been to our house since the wedding and it was a jam packed weekend from start to finish. 

Once the fam arrived Friday we enjoyed a late lunch at Hopcat before coming home to relax and catch up all evening! A wedding video here, some cocktails there, and an 11:00 pm taco run to San Jose Taqueria later, we called it a day to rest up for the weekend ahead! 

Saturday we met up with with family friends to visit their soon-to-open brewery in Allendale (if you live in the Grand Rapids area, be sure to stop in and support when the doors open, hopefully in July). The brewery is really coming around! It is going to be a fun hang out with GREAT beer (and beautifully decorated I might add!). We were lucky enough to try a few while we visited and color me impressed. I can hardly wait for growlers full to enjoy summer nights. Once we let them get back to work, it was back to the Grand Rapids tour. We had lunch at Harmony (an Eastown favorite of Max's and mine), played cornhole at Easttown Sports Bar & Grill and consumed strong drinks while joking with The Meanwhile bartender.  

Sunday, it was more of the same: enjoying Grand Rapids. We continued the small brewery tour weekend and traveled to Perrin in Comstock Park, then ventured back by way of Founders before returning home for Max's spectacular homemade tacos (Mexican cuisine & craft beer was a theme of the weekend).

Monday was a sad day. It 's always a sad day when Courtney and I have to part ways. We joke that we're in denial that we're going to be torn apart until we are standing at the car hugging goodbye (and tearing up!). Either way, we made the most of it with a full day of Sister time lovin' (and livin'). We began the morning purchasing birthday presents for each other and exploring Eastown with coffee (from Rowsters) and chit chat before meeting Mom downtown at the market and savoring the last precious hours together. 

All in all... it was PERFECT. Relaxing, yet busy. Fun, yet productive. Filling and fulfilling. Filled with love. From start to finish. 

Miss you so much sis! Come back... NOW!


  1. I had so much fun with you, it's disgusting.

    1. It really is gross how much we love eachother :)