Friday, June 26, 2015

Friday Five!

{sneak peek... this weekends wedding outfit}

This week felt new. A relaxing previous weekend left me feeling energized and refreshed. It didn’t exactly speed by, but this week was full of productive days & nights, full of life and full of fun. This weekend I’m heading back to Kazoo for a wedding in my hometown! A ceremony at a local college campus chapel, and a reception being held where we had our senior prom oh so many years ago! I’m actually pretty ecstatic to go back to Rose Street Market. I haven’t been since High School, and can’t wait to see what types of memories flood my brain when I’m back.

Cheers to Sara & Will!

Friday Forte:

{sister FaceTime date on the patio!}

{an assortment of fresh salsas were a fantastic salad dressing substitute this week}

{sweet reds are my wine of choice as of late}

{creepy cover but I could not be more excited to read this book!}

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