Friday, August 7, 2015

Friday Five!

{West Elm Pop-Up event in Breton Village}

This week is a blur. I feel like it was just the weekend, but then Monday feels so long ago all at the same time. Do you ever have weeks like that? Well, I seem to be having them more and more, especially the past few months. Time is just passing by so fast! I guess that’s summer…

Tonight Max and I are spending the evening at the Kalamazoo Rib Fest. I haven’t been to a downtown Kalamazoo festival in a few years and am looking forward to the beer, entertainment and laid back atmosphere.

Friday Forte: 

{chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich (with sprinkles!) from a local creamery}

{cute safari touch from a baby shower last weekend}

{in Paris we wear black... hats}

{happy hour & live music at the downtown market with Jenny to break the madness that was this week}

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  1. That pic of you in the black hat is SO pretty! Those French chicks have nothing next to you, gurl! xo