Monday, August 18, 2014

Eastown Loves – The Sparrows

On a particularly pleasant Michigan summer night a couple of weeks ago, Max was at his golf league and I was feeling cooped up. I decided to take matters into my own hands and go out exploring. I knew I had to finish a book and get it back to the library (it was already late, whoops), so posting up at a new coffee shop in Eastown sounded like the perfect way to spend a week night. 

I decided on The Sparrows because it’s been on my list for months. I drive by it every time I leave yoga and the constant flow of people surrounding this coffee shop, combined with the comfortable ambiance had me curious to experience the inside for myself.

The place did not disappoint. Honestly, it was exactly what I expected and fully equipped with plenty of seating, magazines and board games to utilize, comfortable chairs by the windows overlooking Wealthy Street, small outdoor patio and hippie staff members. The whole ambiance completely reflects the Wealthy neighborhood.

I imagine Courtney and I sitting there, drinking coffee and chatting away for hours…

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  1. I want to go to there....Hi. I know this comment is coming exactly a year and a half after the original publish must take me to this spot next time I'm in G.R. Yes. This is where we will go.