Monday, August 4, 2014

Texas Ya’ll!

This past week I flew down to Houston for a week at our new division. I tell you what, Texans are nice. Not once did I feel slighted or intimidated by the locals. Our hotel, however, wasn’t in the best area of town, so I didn’t really mingle with the peeps much around there, but everywhere else they were as pleasant as pleasant can be.

Most of my days looked something like this:
-          Get up and down to breakfast by 6:15 am
-          Get to work by 7am
-          Leave work at 6 pm
-          Hit the hotel gym until 7:30 pm
-          Eat dinner and sit at the hotel bar until 10
-          Bed with Netflix by 10:30pm

Other than that, one evening we hung out by the very tropical pool, and finally on Thursday we got out and went downtown to an Astros baseball game and explore the night life down there.

All in all, it was a great experience and I can’t wait to go back to explore more of the city (and work of course!)

{the best, most indulgent meal I've ever had at the Steamboat House}

{the hotel bar... frequented quite often... not a bad hotel if you decide to stay off-the-beaten path in Houston}

{namaste indeed}

{pretty, right?}

{so, this is blurry, but hilarious nontheless... this hotel clearly get's some retired folk because there were these oh so fancy "elderly friendly" chairs to enter every aspect of the pool area. i nearly fell in using this device, twice}

{not pictured: the cockroaches}

{"hey ya'll, let's go to Hickory Hollow for lunch. They have great southern cuisine!"}


{oh hey Minute Maid stadium}

{this pic is becoming a regular of mine}

{as you can see from the arm that is not my own on the right, this was clearly against protocol}

{later Houston - Until next time :)}

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