Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Barre: The NEW Hot Yoga?

Last week my co-worker/friend took me my first barre class. Side note: When does one become just a friend and no longer a co-worker? We’re almost there… anywho, she is a member of a studio in East Grand Rapids called Pilates in the East, which offers both barre and pilates classes to their members.

Barre refers to the balancing apparatus in a dance studio. Barre class is considered an all over strength workout but really focuses on your core and lower body, just as needed by ballerinas. Literally, picture a ballerina, the stretching, the lunging, the plie’ing. All of it. That is barre, and the point of the entire class is for one to achieve that perfect dancer body. Long, sleek and strong.

Honestly, with the way people are preaching this new workout craze, it sounds to me like it’s the hot yoga of this decade. It’s everywhere. Although, I must admit, I’m still bias to my hot yoga and don’t have a love for barre yet. Not to mention it’s pricier that my previous monthly fee at the Eastown yoga studio. Nevertheless, I’m intrigued. It definitely tested my leg strength and think I could benefit from this type of workout to mix things up.

Since I don’t even think a drop in is an option at Pilates in the East, and I do not want another membership right now, I’ll settle for purchasing an at-home DVD to continue my practice. Stay tuned!

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