Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Food Tour of Chicago 2014

So, this past weekend, we took Chicago by the balls, and we won. I don’t think it was our intention, originally to make food the theme for the trip, but basically, we ate. And ate. And then ate some more! It was fabulous!

We started off at Little Goat for lunch on Friday, and then relaxed at Ashley’s apartment before heading out for drinks at Rocks. Once we felt we were ready to tackle more food, we proceeded to slip into our second food coma of the day at a BYOB Cuban restaurant (my first time!) in Logan’s Square called 90 Miles. This place was outstanding! Clearly we had to burn some calories, so we then headed to Innjoy, a restaurant by day turned night club by night. I’m talking Backstreet Boys, Nsync, TLC, you name it. There was not one song that I did not know all of the words to. This place had the best array of music playing that night and made me resort back to my 90’s Pandora station this week. We went somewhere else after that. I was pretty tired at that point and don’t quite remember the name, but I think here? It was a fun dive bar where more college friends came out and joined us. All in all a great first night in Chicago.

Saturday was not quite as jam packed. We had brunch at DS Tequila, where the mimosa’s are the size of my head and the breakfast sandwich was out of this world good. As if we hadn’t had enough to eat, we then headed to a bakery down the street to grab macaroons before meandering towards the lake shore to watch the Air and Water show. Once that turned out to be a bust (couldn’t see a damn thing where we were) we stocked up on snacks and drinks (naturally) and played euchre on Ashley’s pool patio all the while discussing where we were going to go to dinner. We ultimately decided on Slurping Turtle because we were feeling Asian. To top off the weekend, we proceeded to walk right to Eataly after dinner for gelato and Nutella inspired snacks. Let me tell you, this place is UNBELIEVABLE! I shall come back at a later date for more on this glorious Italian department store size full of pasta and dreams and Nutella. 

If you thought this was a long run-on sentence... you are correct. 
And that was my weekend...

{little goat grilled cheese}

{my first drink ever where i enjoyed gin.... wildflower i believe?}

{planning our 2k15 NOLA trip}

{each purchasing our own bottle of wine for 90 Miles}

{ceviche app}

{leaving the City... cloudy.. just like us...}

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