Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Around Bellewood – Our Bedroom (The Tiffany's Room)

{I am nicknaming all the rooms in our house, so naturally, this room is lovingly referred to as "The Tiffany's Room")

Besides our bathroom (coming to you next week!), our bedroom was the worst part of the house when we moved in. Really, just our stuff did not match the wall color. A combination of bright baby blue walls, with navy blue bedding and yellow lampshades just didn't fit. Not to mention I had done the bed-on-the-floor thing for a while and was over it.

Originally, I wanted to paint the bedroom white (see this post) so that I could start with a clean and fresh “canvas”. But since we painted the office white, we decided to leave the room as is. The color of the walls is sort of bold and unmatchable. So instead of buying a ton of baby blue colored “stuff” I decided to keep everything else in the bedroom neutral. White bedding, reclaimed wood and black and white photos. The headboard is probably the boldest new piece for the room. It was made by the same person who built our farm table and bench in the kitchen (if you’re in the Southwest Michigan area, let me know if you would like his contact info!).

But I gotta give my husband a massive shout out. The Hubbs was such an instrumental part of the transformation of this room. While perusing Pinterest one day, I stumbled across this DIY and immediately showed the picture to Max who’s response was, “if that’s what you want… doesn't look too hard”. He, single-handedly, cut down and mounted old table legs we got from his brother to raise our bed. He had to literally install 4x4 pieces of wood to reinforce the entire box spring so we didn't fall through the middle in our sleep. It was a hefty project that I am so grateful he was willing to tackle. BONUS: The (free) legs even match our new headboard perfectly! Next on his “honey-do list" was to take care of the ugly look of the box spring itself. I’m not one for bed skirts, and neither of us wanted to add yet another piece of furniture in that bedroom (aka a bulky bed frame), so we had to come up with another solution. Again, while perusing Pinterest, I saw this idea and fell in love! Max was on board so I stopped by Joann Fabrics for the burlap (60% off!!) and picked up the decorative pins for a cheap price as well. Voila!

The room is not completely done, but it’s definitely come a long way! Remaining pieces include new bedside tables (I really like these), taller TV stand (this peaks my interest, or maybe we’ll just mount the damn thing!) and a couple of decorative things to tie it all together, like a throw decorative pillow or a cozy throw blanket. Also, in the future I would love to replace the closet doors. The doors we have currently aren't the most attractive, nor the most functional. I would love to install closet doors that open out (are they called french doors?). Either way, there is definitely still work to be done, but I’m so happy with our progress.

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