Thursday, September 4, 2014

Friday Five!

{centerpiece prettiness}

This week went by pleasantly fast. I think that 4 day work weeks are the way to go! Cause now, before we know it, it’s Friday! And time for another summer weekend away. My parents are staying with me and Max tonight, hitting the town and catching up, then tomorrow all heading up to Traverse City for another wedding. In a barn! Fun!  Sunday morning we have brunch in Traverse before heading back to GR.

I am ready for Fall. I’m ready in the sense that I’m excited to wear sweaters, scarves and tall boots, I’m excited for spiced (& spiked) cider at tailgate, I’m excited for hot soups, and I’m excited decorate our house for the season. But it’s so short lived in Michigan, and we all know what happens once Fall decides it’s done… and I’m just not ready for another Polar Vortex. So I’m soaking it all in… the warmth (and humidity), the sunshine, the fun weekend trips (sans icy roads), and the long & bright evenings. I’m savoring every moment I have left of this Summer.

{very special brick that will forever line a pathway in South Haven, MI, right where the city turns into the pathway that leads to the pier and beach}

{Spartan love. Always.}

{gourmet cheese spread cutting – I can’t decide whether the white cheddar horseradish or the raspberry goat cheese was my favorite}

{Max won his golf league! I love that contagious smile}

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