Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Wedding Season: Picturesque Barn Nuptials in Traverse City

Disclaimer: So, ok, the wedding wasn't in a barn like I thought, but there were countless barns around on the property.

The wedding was actually just outside of a barn… multiple barns to be exact… under a very large tent, in the middle of beautiful nowhere. This was honestly one of the most fun weddings I’ve ever been too. Honestly, they are all fun in their own way, but this wedding was so different. The Bride’s family owns this farm and I couldn't even tell you how many acres they have. It felt like it went on forever. The many of the guests camped out on the property, which in hindsight would have been a ton of fun!! Maybe next time?

Anywho, besides a little wind (or a lot at times), the weather was perfect, picturesque actually. You’ll see some photos below that I look fake, but I swear are real. The farm had cows, mules and countless horses. The horses were fed with and pet by many MANY guests who decided that jumping the fence was a good idea (myself and Dave included). Good thing the owners turned off the electric shock metal wires!!All in all, it was a GREAT weekend with a great bunch of people! The only regret I have is that it didn't last longer.

Well, that concludes the weddings of 2014! But never fear, there are more to come in 2015!!

(sorry for the crazy amount of pictures, like I said, it was a beautiful day…)

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