Saturday, September 20, 2014

Iron and Wine @ The (Kalamazoo) State Theater

Beautiful. That’s the word that I couldn't stop repeating after ever song played during this entire concert.  Iron and Wine, aka Samuel Beam, whom I now lovingly refer to as Alan, blew me away with his performance. A few weeks ago I was perusing websites for upcoming live music in the area and stumbled across Iron and Wine playing in Kalamazoo. Automatically, I decided I would go, with or without a date (once I told Jenny he sang a pretty important song from Twilight she was all about it!). 

Once in Kalamazoo, we started off the evening with drinks and appetizers at Union (even got to see MJ while in town) and chit chatted for nearly 2 hours. Just spending time with my two oldest friends would have made for a great night in itself! After a couple cocktails and an order of the lobster fondue and portobello fries we were good to go!! Since my dad has connections, he was able to get Jenny and I front row seats in the mezzanine of the State Theater (I forgot how beautiful this place is too!!). I think the mezzanine is now my personal favorite place to watch live music… nobody in your way, no towering person to peek around, and an easy bird’s eye view of the whole stage. It was perfect.

After the opening act, Jessica Hoop, it was time for the headliner. Just a man and his guitar. Last night was exactly the kind of live performances I love most.

(Listen to this song and you’ll feel the exact same way)
The Trapeze Swinger by Iron & Wine on Grooveshark

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