Monday, September 15, 2014

Perrin Backyard Beer Bash

{cheers to Perrin!}

Man oh man! What can I say about the Perrin Backyard Beer Bash 2014? It was only their second annual but it could have easily been their 22nd annual. Perrin Brewing knows how to hook it up. Between the multiple beer stations under the MASSIVE tent, the separate bus that housed their new release/specialty brews for the event, the live music or the FANTASTIC company in tow, this party was epic.

Max emailed me about a month ago informing me this event was happening. We love Perrin and love to get out to Comstock Park to visit… but it has to be a special occasion… because it’s out there (it’s literally in the middle of nowhere)! Well, people, this was definitely an occasion worth the trip. We immediately pre-purchased tickets and recruited one of Max’s college buddies to tag along since he’s a Grand Rapidan and has never been… CRAZY.

Although, I must say the best part of the entire day was coming up with an, again I say epic, plan for another Grand Rapids outing. Like literally took pen to paper and mapped out an entire day starting with a bloody bar at the Maxey house (with darts, beer pong, pool and MSU football on the surround sound) followed by a brewery tour of Eastown AND downtown. Can’t wait!!! I love getting together with old friends and not only reliving the good old days, but realizing we all still live so close and when we want to time travel back to college, it’s 100% possible.

This is what Fall weekends were made of!

Take a listen to this song while checking out the pics...
Joe Hertler & the Rainbow Seekers... they were amazing live and this music video, clearly, holds a special place in our hearts. Too bad I wasn't there in 2011... GO GREEN!

{don't mind the countless porta-potties reflection in my glasses...}

{beautiful Fall day + creeper}

{our vow renewal WILL have hops as flower fillers}

{pre live awesomeness}

{specialty brew bus!}

[sammy of the day... smoked (cold) salmon with a dill cream cheese sauce} 

{just some beer hops for the road? please and thanks <insert thumbs up>)

{Joe Hertler & the Rainbow Seekers! Their CD was downloaded and played all the way home.. this band was beyond entertaining}

{by this point it was 49 degrees... in September... NOT cool}

{so close to adding this band to our vinyl collection!}

{BBQ chicken pizza Max made as our "night night" food}

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