Monday, September 15, 2014

Monday Motivators!

Baby Apple is not a baby anymore.

We made two batches of banana muffins to celebrate our little girl turning 2: One batch of little, plain muffins for the doggies and a separate batch with either chocolate chips or walnuts. The latter batch was shared with our dog walker, who graciously hosted a lunch time birthday party on Friday for the pups.

Don't worry, Big Brother doesn't miss a beat of special attention. 

A running path created on the neutral ground along Esplanade Avenue leads right to the river front and the French Quarter. The shade is a pleasant & welcome relief from the heat. 

...and the old houses that line this particular street provide quite the backdrop. 

 If only this photo captured what I can see from all angles. 
It may not be Chicago or NYC, but I love the views I see during runs through the city of NOLA.
What you CAN see in this photo, however, is the receeding water level of the Mississippi River. This winter, the water reached the rocks...notice how  much land is now exposed, quickly sprouting weeds & grass
(the picture above was taken two weeks ago...) 

This picture taken yesterday. 

Upon coming home from an energizing 10-miler over the weekend, I found this waiting for me in the mail. If I wasn't pumped before, I'm ready for the 2014-2015 race season now! 

Thanks, Uncle Kurt, for this great new picture of Granny & Grandpa! Looking at it daily on my phone makes me smile.

 Even out of the classroom, I'm still able to influence creative and impactful activities for kids. Loving the job. 

The song that somehow calms me down 
and charges me up at the same time. 
This track will be playing in my car on the commute this week! 

Have a great third week of September, friends! 

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