Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Just an Epic Fall Day in GR

This past Saturday we hosted a few friends at our house for the MSU game (complete with a bloody mary bar and taco dip!) and then hit up the Eastown and Downtown parts of Grand Rapids. The entire day was even more fun than I expected. Not one moment passed without laughter. It was great. Kinda like we relived college for a day (whoops).

Once we left our house we took Uber to Eastown for our first stop, Brewery Vivant, the old Church on Cherry Street. From there we took the brand new Beer City Runner downtown to Hopcat for dinner and Grand Rapids Brewing Company (where we had our rehearsal dinner) as our first stop for after dinner drinks. Let me real quick go back to the runner… ummm BEST INVENTION EVER! The Hoptimus Prime just started only a couple of weeks ago in this city. It’s designed to have a set schedule to drop people off from brewery to brewery all over the city, and for SO CHEEP ($5 on Friday’s and $8 on Saturdays… for the whole day!). The guy who started this company is a life saver and hope it lasts. 

I must say there were about three stops after this, honestly, not all necessary, but each had their own unique story that we all laughed about the next morning over leftover taco dip and champagne. 

This is what Fall Saturdays are made of!

{rough outline of our original plans for the day/evening}


  1. Taco dip: yum. Wash it down w/ a bloody...perfection. That looks like an amazing fall Saturday! Glad it was such a success!

  2. yay for good times with friends!! love the taco dip!!

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  3. I love the bloody mary's & tailgate food station you set up for your party, Megan! Such a great idea. :D