Monday, September 8, 2014

Around Bellewood – Our Bathroom

Oh, the master bathroom. What can I say? It was the ugliest bathroom I've ever seen… in my LIFE! I knew it had a lot of potential, but let’s just say this almost made me not want to buy the house in the first place. Stupid, I know, given how handy my husband is, but at the time, when we were looking at houses last year, we were in deep wedding planning mode and the last thing I could think about was adding home renovation on top of everything else.

But I love our house and I’m so happy we ended up buying it. And the long wait for the new bathroom was totally worth it!
Here are some of the “before” pictures.

{this = ugliest thing ever}

Drum roll please! The long awaited bathroom reveal (part 1 – part 2 will be down the road when we make the rest of our changes). We ripped out the original floor and trim, and then primed the walls before anything was purchased. The bathroom remained in this “state of shambles”, as Max likes to call it, for a couple of weeks (complete torture for me!). Once we finally found a floor tile we both loved, at Home Depot of all places, it was game on! Floor tile has been the most exciting home purchase to date! I didn't k now exactly what I wanted going into the process, but once I saw this tile, I knew this was exactly the vibe I was going for. You can see my original inspiration here.

Let me just tell you that we started off this process all wrong. In my mind the new tile was the most important part, but we bought the paint first, without having any idea what we wanted the tile to look like. That = Stupid. The paint color I purchased was in the gray family, but had a slight blue undertone. I thought this would look gorgeous and give it a “rich” feel. Negative. The walls ended up looking periwinkle, which did not match the spa-esque ambiance I was going for. Max didn't like it either, so we both decided to go pick out a new paint and he would handle it while I was in Texas (or the week after…).

The shelving installed in the back, above the toilet, replaced a cheap cabinet that once resided there. Yet another Pinterest idea took over my brain and I immediately got the “have-to-have" attitude (see pin here). Max is forever grateful that I went through all of the due diligence to make these decisions (although, he’s not always grateful for how complicated some of these “ideas” turned out to be). In the end, the bathroom turned out beautiful! The upstairs used to be my least favorite part of the house. I avoided it, partly because it was ugly and partly because I didn't want to be reminded of all the work that needed to be done. But one year, and some months, later, I’m so in love! Between the updates to our bedroom and face-lift done to the bathroom, upstairs is my new favorite!

Eventually we will make over the entire vanity, removing some cabinetry, install dual above-counter sinks, and re-tile the shower.

One day… 


  1. 1. BEAUTIFUL! It looks so much bigger and I think you all did a fab job of capturing the highlights of your inspiration bathrooms. 2. You have obvioulsy created a mental block from the first bathroom I owned. Do you remember the house I had in Michigan w/ DARK GREEN CARPET and PAISLEY WALLPAPER? Not to mention the chipping, cream colored cabinets w/ brass-colored trim. BRASS. C'mon! Anyway, nice work, Maxeys!!

  2. Those tiles do seem a bit dull, so it’s great that you replaced them. And I think the shelves are really gorgeous. All in all, you’ve done a wonderful job with renovating the bathroom. Thanks for sharing this with us, Megan. Have a great day!

    Johnny Hernandez @ Ripple System