Monday, September 8, 2014

Monday Motivators!

....aaaaand we're back!

I can't remember the last time I said that I like Mondays, but this year, with an entirely different job that literally has me all over the city each day, my days and weeks fly by with excitement, awe, happiness & motivation.

While, admittedly, I do still spend a great deal of my personal time working, I have managed to find inspiration at every turn. I allow my busy ass to stop and smell the magnolias, if you will (Southern girl). Most times it's just snapshots of my own life that make me smile and squeal with a disproportionate amount of glee, but other times I'm struck by the beauty or greatness of an image or idea.

So, as you all might not be hearing from me as much these days, I still would like to offer a lens into my life...the life of a runnin', garden', bulldog-lovin', husband-worshipin', music devourin', home-ownin' chick from New Orleans. Hopefully each week you'll get a glimpse of the many things that keep me goin'.

Happy Monday, everyone!!

New set of succlents for the kitchen.

Running along Lake Ponchartrain at sunset. 

 Window shopping in the French Quarter...during a run. 

My babies. Easy-going Jackson and Never-satisfied Apple. 

My boy.

My baby girl will be 2 years-old on Friday! 

Backyard inspiration. If only I could make my deck look like this...
I'd turn off my phone, hide my computer and curl up with a pile books &
 a case of  wine. 

Cheers, everyone! Make it a great week! 

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