Monday, September 22, 2014

Monday Motivators!

[I'm thinking this will happen a LOT this coming weekend...]

Happy first week of fall!!!

While it might not feel like the fall I know and love with long sleeves, jeans and socks, I am starting to feel a shift in the weather here in NOLA. For instance, I can finally sit outside for longer periods of time without breaking a sweat. This means more meals on the deck and reading on the balcony.

The change in seasons always seems to bring out exciting new habits, but the thing that is pumping me up the most this week is seeing my baby sister!! Meggie is coming to NOLA for 3 full days straight! I have so much planned for the two of us..I just hope we can fit it all in!

[New fall flavor in the morning]

[Elizabeth's, here we come....Friday brunch with sis.]

[David Gray concert Friday night!!]

[Is he making faces at me?!]

[Choppy waters on the lake early Sunday morning]

[Grilled veggies. Nailed it.]

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