Monday, September 22, 2014

The Bridge Run 5K

Another 5k down in the books! With a PB to boot (look at me using runners lingo!)! This race was GORGEOUS. The weather was a perfect crisp 54 degrees, the sun was shining, I was running with my best girl, and I figured out how to put that loop thingy on my shoe lace. All was right in the world! But the gorgeousness did not just come from the weather, the race itself was incredible! The course took you through all of downtown, across two bridges a through two parks. Since it was such a perfect day and so early in the morning, the water looked like glass! My appreciation for this city grows every day.

Funny story, when signing up for the race I SWEAR I saw the options being 5k run/walk and 10k races. Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s a damn good thing I didn't sign up for the “10k” because I learned once I arrived downtown EARLY Sunday morning (after the Perrin Backyard Beer Bash! Dumb idea…) that it was in fact a 10 MILE race. No gracias! I think I would have cried right then and there. Good thing I didn't expect too much of myself and signed up for the shorter race. I honestly don’t know if I’ll ever do a 10 mile run. I’m just not mentally there yet. Maybe I’ll take some tips from my sis THIS WEEKEND when I see her!!

I think this will end up being an annual race for me (and probably Jenny). The scenery is too hard to pass up!

{typical pre-race Instagram shot}

{27:13 each.... our personal best :)}


{yay us!}


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  2. Now, you listen here, ladies: no one is supposed to look that beautiful AFTER a race! Congrats on best times...and SIDE-BY-SIDE!! What a way to finish.
    xoxoxxo, Meggie and Jenny!!