Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday Five!

{cozied up one gloomy evening with rose & devouring fall fashion}

Monday started off rough. The realization that it was yet another week depressed the crap out of me! It took a couple of days to get out of my funk, but pre-planned evening activities helped and by yesterday I was back to my old self. Oh and hey, what do you know, it’s Friday! Let’s hope my post weekend blues don’t stick around as long come Monday…

This weekend we aren’t traveling very far, and are happy to be sticking around Grand Rapids, but it’s a jam packed couple of days. The Perrin Backyard Beer Bash is tomorrow and we couldn’t be more stoked. We LOVE Perrin!! If it wasn’t so far away it might be our favorite brewery EVER. We’ve recruited a few friends to join us in the celebration. A celebration that I need to put a stop to at a decent hour, since I signed up for the Bridge Run, a race that I need to be downtown and ready by 8:15 sharp Sunday morning. At least it’s only a 5k…and I get to visit the Vintage Street Market promptly after I celebrate with a bloody!

(in honor of New York Fashion Week}

{brunch salad that was too almost pretty to eat… ALMOST}

{$1 taco date night at 84th street grille}

{what you don’t know is that the view other side of the building looked like the end of the world…}

{delicious peach muffin topped with streusel crumbles}

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  1. All of the food above ^^ Looks fab! I'm hungry now. ;)

    Have fun devouring that HUGE Instyle Magazine. I'm working my way through it too. It's a ginormous issue. And good luck with your 5K this weekend!