Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday Five!

{old picture of my first home taken in the 70’s that my parents were kind enough to part with}

Busy & fulfilling. Those are the words that best describe this past week. We not only finalized our main course and dessert selections for the wedding (check CHECK), but our Save the Date’s will go out next week (hopefully!), I've begun the process of working on our actual invitations, and finally purchased all of the bridesmaids dresses I’ll be wearing in the other three wedding’s I’m standing in this Fall (ouch to the bank account!). BONUS: Max and I are becoming more and more aware of what we want in a house (as well as what we DON’T want)….

Also, I am feeling more and more positive about work. Sometimes careers throw you curve balls that make you think you’re taking one step forward one day, then two steps back the next…. This week was definitely in the “one step forward” category. And, honestly, that is the best I can hope for right now.  

This weekend is MOTHER’S DAY! I’m so looking forward to spending Sunday with my family (Courtney will be there in FaceTime spirit). Until then, cheers to relaxing jogs, mimosa sipping, and checking even more things off my to-do list, all in preparation for the whirlwind two weeks we have ahead of us (engagement photo’s, New Orleans and potentially making an offer on a HOME!).

{Spring is in full BLOOM!}

{this kid is ridiculous!}

{loved checking Pyramid Scheme off the summer bucket list}

{i love mail! fun package from the sister!!}

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