Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My Kinda Seasonal - Summer Music Edition

{Lollapalooza 2K12 - below are not all bands I've seen live at Lolla... unfortunately}

Another music list from yours truly :) Summer music may be my favorite. It reminds
me of festival season, and let's be honest, live music is simply THE BEST! 

This now covers all seasons, but as I mentioned before, my musical list is an ever
evolving journey. I'll continue to share as my tastes differ and the music industry
continues to flourish with amazing records!

1)       Anything Dave Matthews, Dispatch, (LIVE)
2)       Innocent – AidenHawken
5)       Here Before –Lissie
6)       Be the Song – FoyVance
7)       Youth – Daughter (a brilliant suggestion from Court last year; now my most listened to song)

You can see my first three installments of seasonal music here, here and here

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