Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday Five!

{good times with good friends last weekend - edited with an awesome new app from some of my favorite bloggers!}

Save the Dates sent out… CHECK
Offer made on home… CHECK
Counter offer accepted on a home... CHECK
First 5k ran… CHECK (finally agreed to one with my sister in NOLA next week as well)
Court Birthday Present mailed… almost CHECK

This weekend is going to be amazing. Max and I are taking half days today and heading to Michigan State’s campus for our engagement photos. Thank goodness the weather is holding up (knock on wood) and all our plans actually fell into place. Once the photo shoot is complete we plan on bar hopping all around town (so excited about here, here, here, here… maybe here if we feel crazy) just to relive our glory days and reminisce on all things college.

The rest of the weekend holds minimal plans, but I’m sure grilling on the balcony and talking about our new (pending) home will be on the agenda (such a weird, exciting and scary thing to say). Since New Orleans is now less than a week away I'm excited to start preparing for that as well, not to mention all of our ducks we have to get in a row on this house before taking off! Oh life...

(totes using this as my starter pump up song in the New Orleans 5k next weekend)

{team GFS Fit Club won Active for Life... told ya we had this one in the bag!}

{new entrance way table! Thanks Dad!!}

{my favorite food ever! Leftovers to keep me happy all week long... Stites macaroni salad, cheesy potatoes and a new fav, crab salad}

{honkers! our pet goose!}

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