Monday, May 6, 2013

The End of an Era – Our First Home

A few months back, when Courtney THOUGHT she was moving back to Chicago, she became nostalgic of all the things she would miss once she left her tropical home. Since Max and I are knee deep in house hunting, it now looks like we’ll be moving on in the near future, and while I don’t think I’m becoming nostalgic about leaving this apartment, there is something to be said about the first home we ever shared. The place where we became an engaged couple, the place we have spent the last two years… together… as a family. With that being said, I find myself taking in the area more over the past couple of weeks, savoring these memories. Since, the weather is FINALLY in our favor, we've been sitting on the patio of local bars whenever we can, taking many long walks around the complex (part of the bucket list), and reminiscing on these times. The beginning of our lives together… moments we will forever cherish. 

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