Monday, May 6, 2013

A Run Through History 5K

After a 2 month wait, I sprung out of bed Sunday morning for a road race that promised to be beautiful & interesting.  I ran the Run Through History 5K which followed the paths around Metarie Cemetery (located on the outskirts of NOLA).

This is what we saw the whole time we were running.  
It was quite a different scene. 

The race is the "largest race through a cemetery in the nation!".  Tombs of people from centuries past line the paths, standing in elegant fashion.  It was tempting to slow my pace and admire but, luckily, I maintained focus and finished with a time that pleased me greatly. 

Added bonus: my friend, Megan, is in town from California 
and joined me. Racing is always more fun with a buddy.

After a weak attempt at a light race-eve meal, we ended up stuffed and satisfied.  I had spicy basil fried rice (perhaps not the smartest choice the night before a race, but it was soooo good).

My husband even convinced us to go across the 
street for dessert afterward. 
So Sunday, I woke up much earlier than I needed to, ready to go.  I was excited to start my rituals of a PB toast breakfast, banana, coffee and--yes--stretching.

The weather could not have been more perfect for racing. It was breezy and kind of cool...but the sun was out and , when standing directly in it, warmed us perfectly.


Well, I may not have run a personal best, but damn close to it. I ran the 3.1 miles in 24:58 (PR is 24:30).  I placed 67th out of over 700 racers. Not bad. I still don't know how I placed among those in my age group, but those stats are good enough for me.

There's a race the weekend Meg & Max are in town...let's see if I can convince them to join the way I convinced my friend. Races are so much fun!! Perfect way to get an early workout in with friends and loved ones...and then you've got your whole day ahead of you!

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