Monday, May 20, 2013

Circuit Training - Session 6

Get those summer beach bodies ready kids! It's the tropics in Michigan and we're reminded every second that boating season is right around the corner (next weekend if I get my way). Since I have all sorts of fun wedding related things I want to be/stay in shape for... fitness is definitely a part of my daily routine (except Sunday's... I mean, it IS the day of rest after all...). 

Read below for the latest installment of Threshold Multi-Sports circuit training sessions... one that will surely have your muscles burning. But beware, when you see the definition in your back your temptation to purchase that cute summer dress will be that much harder to overlook. 

Do each for a minute. Repeat as many times as you want/can!

2. Wall squat
4. Suicides
8. Mountain climbers

P.S. Happy Birthday to the best, most beautiful, loving, caring, amazing generous bad ass person I know!!!! XOXOX SIS!

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