Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Project Photo Sort

Now that my husband and I have decided to stay in New Orleans, I've begun to let myself really settle in to the home we've built here.

I've started reorganizing cabinets & closets, planned to hang more pictures and beef up my balcony gardens...
and recently I've been revisiting old photo albums! 

 Craving a project, this was the perfect place to start. 

A few months ago my mom mailed me a box of the photo albums from my childhood bedroom.
This has inspired me to start some new, up-to-date books to display in our apartment.

                                   Of course I had to turn it into a full-blown project. All that was missing was a label maker and Friends playing in the background.

I started to notice a trend: I was gravitating toward pictures of my husband and I, starting with 6 years ago when we first moved to New Orleans.  

This was back when I was still in the habit of putting every photo taken into a physical album...before the days of my computer albums. 

 I was (am) obsessed with the houses, trees and parks in this area. 

I really can't stop myself from snapping shot after shot of the 
beauty in this city.

The project narrowed when I decided to bite the bullet (nearly 3 years later) and actually create a wedding album. 
We have so many great pictures from that whole weekend but, until now, they've been resting quietly on my laptop. 

I have several more to have developed, 
but these are my favorites (note the cheek kiss again...kind of a thing with him).

One thing lead to another and, after a I realized I want to completely redesign the way my pictures are organized...

My work has just begun...I love a challenge.
Photo sorting will be a multi-phased journey.

*Upcoming themes*

High school
Kalamazoo after college
NOLA Houses
NOLA Parks

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