Thursday, May 30, 2013

Friday Five!

{some favorites from our engagement session – more to come from the amazing Darren Breen}

Aaaaaaand RELAX! These past few weeks have been a blast, but also very busy, and stressful at times. So glad to get back to my old routine and actually spend some time in my own town in my own home… before the madness starts all over again!. Just talking about all of the activities we have before our honeymoon in January fills pages. PAGES.

Can’t complain though. Pumped for each. And. Every. One.

Tonight, I can’t wait to spend some much needed girl time with my oldest OLDEST friend, together logging a good sweat session then rounding out the evening with wine, music, movies and conversation! The rest of the weekend has in store… absolutely nothing! If the weather works… GREAT, then we BOAT… if not… maybe some Arrested Development and mimosas on the couch? Who knows. Who cares. Lazy and love it.

{birthday present to myself}

{free White Caps tickets (hello summer bucket list!) and a birthday present from GFS}

{blog reading (hooked on the stories told in 100 Layer Cake) + wine - perfect relaxation after crazy yoga sweaty madness}

{slowly but surely finding the perfect snacks for these amazing containers that will be the center of our kitchen - although kind of have a hard time keeping the peanut M&M's full... }

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