Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Countdown to Sweater Weather

As the seasons shift from the warm, to the mild, and finally the cold temperatures, not only do I switch out my wardrobe and “extracurricular” activities, I switch out my playlists as well. Music is one passion that follows me around wherever I go. There are various artists, genres or even songs that remind me of a specific time of the year or a specific memory that fell during a certain time of year. Surely I’m not alone in this…
Currently I find myself moving from the laid back music of Bob Marley and Jack Johnson to the more fast-paced indie, alternative and rock genres. Some of my seasonal favorites have been on rotation for years while some are recent additions to my ever growing music library. Whatever the case may be, below are five songs currently pumping me up for this pending change in temperature.

I can only hope for “Sweater Weather” this weekend so I can enjoy my brand new boots!

- Meg

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