Saturday, September 29, 2012

Rhythm & Blues 5K

This evening was my first race of the season.  If I lived in a different part of the country, this may be one of my last races of the season…however, when the summer days exceed 100 degrees, you’re left with a tired and soggy body, so mustering the motivation to go outside and run fast is close to impossible.  
It’s not exactly cool today (80 degrees) but it is raining, so that makes things a bit more tolerable. 

No matter how long or short my races are, I follow the same routine to get ready.  It is an event after all, and they're always so much fun! 

My new shoes. I've had them for a month, but they hadn't raced until tonight. 

Race bib, shoe tag (chip), watch, and all that extra stuff you get at packet pick-up.

My music. Who am I kidding? This is the first thing I get ready.

The race was scheduled for 5pm, but because the NOPD took way too long to get the streets blocked off, we actually didn't start for an entire HOUR after that.

I was afraid the extra waiting around time would create so much tension I'd have a hard time during the race...that I would be so stiff & irritated, it would be difficult to get back in the mood to run.  (To be honest, everyone there was starting to get on edge, booing and whatnot).
The beer truck actually opened up (meant to serve us AFTER the race) and some runners just started chugging away...but I refused to be swayed. 

I figured I'd made it this far, I could wait a little bit longer. I wasn't about to let a delicious cold beer keep me from a successful run. Plus, the rain had made the streets slippery and a sprained ankle would not be fun. At all. 

SO: Once things finally got started, the race was fantastic! High school bands from around the city played at each mile marker to cheer us on (NOLA style..amazing) 
My time for the 5K (3.1 miles) was 25:14--my personal best for this distance!! I was floored! I couldn't believe I did so well! I came in 24th out of all females in the race. 

To celebrate, my friend, Liz, and I decided a nice cold beverage was in order... 

No matter how weird we looked at the bar--
in sweaty running clothes--
on a Saturday night--
ordering wine

Whatever. They served beer immediately after the race-- which was awesome--but I know what I like. So we went to Tracey's, down the street from my house, and one of our favorite places to go for a quick drink or (delicious shrimp po boy).

Liz and I both ran our personal best today, so we had to raise our glasses and make a toast! 

Next race: 2 weeks from today!! 


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