Monday, October 1, 2012

Friends Trivia! Part 2

Your turn!

Describe each episode (or blooper from episode) in 1-2 sentences, along with which season it came from...

Bonus question!! Name all of the episodes, from left to right, that Phoebe is in below :)

Love ya sis ;)

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  1. really made it hard on me. I can only start to complete this assignment..will need an extension on about half of it. Here goes:
    #1: Season 6. The episode before the finale when Monica and Chandler get engaged? The dress is what's making me think this.
    #2: Season 2. Monica & Rachel are fighting because they both want to date Jean Claude Van Damme. After this encounter, Phoebe says, "if we were in prison, you two would be, like, my bitches."
    #3: I've never seen that shot before in my life. Stumped and embarrassed.

    I'll get back to you on the Phoebe reel.
    You're asking for it on the next one. You do not play nice!