Monday, September 10, 2012

Hurricane Isaac

My husband, Monkey and I evacuated to Houston for the storm, Hurricane Isaac, and returned to a fully intact, but stifling, apartment. We lost power, along with a large part of the city.  High 90s with thick humidity outside and even hotter and stickier within our small space. 

We kept the necessities within reach.  Without power, we couldn’t keep food cool or warm it up…kind of narrows your meal options. 

Post-hurricane coffee: half ice, half-caf. Black. Delicious. Refreshing. Though, I would have enjoyed it more poured over my head after the third day with no A/C.

I waited in a line at the grocery store for bags of ice…this wrapped all the way around the store. I waited for 45 minutes and then by the time I got the ice home, it was ¼ melted….Ridiculous. 

While we were in Houston, looking for something--anything--to do, my husband found a great restaurant called  Barnaby's Cafe that catered to dog lovers.  The lunch we ordered for Monkey came in a package resembling kids’ Lunchables. Instead of a Capri Sun juice, there was a foil pouch filled with water.  Instead of a piece of candy, there was a dog-bone shaped peanut butter dog treat. Fun & creative concept.  Great place.  Great human food, too.  

Jackson was enjoying a luxurious king sized bed in our fancy Houston hotel. 

ONLY positive about Isaac: HURRICATION!!  We had a week off of school. Hot and stressful week, though it may have been, I did get to stay on a club floor of a nice hotel, where I was offered complementary snacks & wine nightly...and someone else washed my sheets & towels.

Not too shabby for Courtney.  

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